PCI Compliance for Developers

Developers of applications whether windows based or web based need to comply with PCI if the application accepts credit cards. Building PCI Compliant Applications The most important thing to remember is PCI compliance doesn't have to be expensive. There are many companies that try to sell you expensive auditing packages to bring your software into compliance. The bottom line is if your application doesn't store or transmit sensitive credit card information then you don't need an expensive audit. More likely a simple self assessment questionnaire.

PCI Compliance Doesn't have to be Expensive

Inexpensive alternative to PCI compliance by limiting your exposure to credit card data we reduce your level of compliance saving you money. Storage of sensitive credit card and ACH echeck information, credit card numbers, expiration dates, etc. Web based secure payment form takes your application out of the picture entirely. Payment and customer information accessible via advanced API.

Penalties for Non-compliance
Why be PCI Compliant PCI Compliance is not a law, unfortunately if your application is not PCI compliant you run the risk having fines imposed on you or your customers up to $100,000. The simple solution is not to store sensitive information. Seamless Integration Easy PCI Compliance 100% Safe and Secure.

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